Rebuilding London Bridge. Slightly blurred.

It’s true that I started this blog with good intentions, then in September last year my masters degree began, and suddenly I seemed to have no time. I’ve written essays and things though, will maybe post a selection of them in due course – some writing on such things as gentrification and London’s war on the poor would be an improvement on my normal witterings.

Being as the course is at UCL in Bloomsbury, I spend a lot of time on trains between there and Lewisham, a journey much shortened by the partial closure of London Bridge station – a station so utterly dysfunctional and horrible, that anything they do to it can only be a good thing*.

Essentially a great big chunk of the Victorian brick viaduct supporting the platforms is being cut away and replaced, with the Shard apparently propped up on bits of wood ‘n’ stuff for a while. I assume the Shard actually has deeper foundations than is apparent from station level, otherwise an awful lot of empty offices and vacant overpriced apartments will end up sprayed across the City of London. Which would be a shame, possibly.

Anyhoo, I cruise through most days, and take snaps as I do so. These are taken through a South Eastern train window though, which is always filthy, thus the photos are always blurry.

The viaduct, by the way, is an extension of the original viaduct built from Deptford to Southwark in the 1830s, the world’s oldest, and still the longest I think. Large parts of it survive as the core of a much thickened and extended structure which connects Greenwich to Charing Cross.

*Btw, the one being demolished, which I’ve known and hated all my life, isn’t even the one that John Betjemen knew and hated. It’s far worse.


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