Archi things to do in London

This is as much a note to myself for stuff I’d like to see, but thought I’d share it. Often,  the weeks will fly by and I miss things, only realising this when I go to check the dates. So to avoid that sudden sinking feeling, and in no particular order…

Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture, at the Design Museum till 12th October. Everyone’s raving about this, and particularly want to see it as have recently seem some Louis K (as I’ve just decided to refer to him) in Ahmedebad.

At the other end of the glam scale, I notice from John Gridrod’s excellent blog that the prefabulous Excalibur estate in Catford is nearing the end, and the museum is only around till Open House weekend in Sept (see below). Apparently, its founder Elisabeth Blanchett may be running a final tour on 23 August.

Dream, Draw, Work: Architectural Drawings by Norman Shaw at the Royal Academy. Maybe the Summer Exhibition while I’m there – for the fab architecture models. Not for the art.

There’s a foyer exhibition at the Barbican from next month on its designers, Chamberlain, Powell & Bon25 Sept 2014 – 22 March 2015, if you’re in the neighbourhood. Sadly doesn’t overlap with Digital Revolution, which finishes on 14 Sept, haven’t seen it yet.

And of course London Open House on 21st and 22nd Sept. Where even to start?

Before I left London, the RIBA’s own site,, used to have a quite good listing of all things architectural in all regions, but is now over-designed (Flash-type sites in 2014?) and seems to be mainly RIBA’s own events, plus a few elsewhere but in no way comprehensive. Filtered for London here.

Ooh, also, some telly:

BBC 4 still has its Post-War Architecture collection available, including loads of Building Sights (from the 90s) as well as Nairn Across Britain.

On iPlayer, the Fifteen Billion Pound Railway is really worth seeing, if you can get over the boring bits about how real ordinary actual normal people operate cranes and such. And the Secret History of Our Streets‘ second series, in Scotland, is the best tv I’ve seen in ages (obviously excluding Our Lord Meades, who is not currently available on iPlayer, but does have a new book out).













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