Twitter tour

Thanks to everyone who retweeted, favourited etc. as I cycled about the other day – turned into an unexpected tour of Docklands and elsewhere. Just needed to get out of the house really. Turned out it was summer outside, thinking I must go out again sometime…

Photography professionals will notice that many of the photos I take on my phone are at a slight angle. I am guessing that either the phone is faulty, or that most buildings are actually at a slight angle.


The glory that was John Outram:

Some flats by the river:

The Millenium Dome, now known as the O2, apparently:

Oh, the contrast…

All Saints church:

House on Poplar High St:

St Mary & St Joseph RC church, Adrian Gilbert Scott (that family really knew how to do brickwork)

Limehouse Church Institute (I know this as it’s written on the front of the building)

And my intended destination, Hawksmoor’s magnificent St Anne’s, Limehouse:

Heneghan Peng’s new architecture department in Greenwich:

Back home, to the glory that is Lewisham:


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